A Shamanic Healing Can Help You

  • Feel more present and increase your vitality 
  • Deal in an empowered way with grief, anger and fear 
  • Regain clarity, passion and soul-purpose in life 
  • Release limiting blocks, emotions, patterns, and belief systems and move through past issues 
  • Awaken self-love, self-responsibility, inner freedom
  • Find the energy to make new choices and decisions in your life, to overcome restricting fears, patterns and habits
  • Deepen your spiritual experience in life and habits
  • Unravel ancestral imprints which is often hinted at when we say ‘something runs in the family’ 
  • Manage  pain – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual 

For me Shamanic Healing, is spiritual yet grounded work it is also practical in that an important component of the sessions are exploring what you can do or what changes you are willing to make in your life. 

Restore Your Energy & Vitality

Shamanic Healing dates back tens of thousands of years. It is practiced all over the world…The only doctrine of shamanism is that this work be used to benefit all life and for the purpose of healing. 

The practice of shamanic healing involves making a commitment to become more authentic and integrated with yourself, others, spirit and nature. We all have the capacity to self- heal and shamanic healing helps you to bring forth that which is in shadow into the light of awareness, for the purpose of transformation and healing. As a Shamanic practitioner, I work on behalf of the client using a variety of techniques to remove blocks and life obstacles at source, thereby restoring harmony in the body, mind, spirit and the human energy field.

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